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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Compass Accounting Group performs the day to day bookkeeping tasks for your business. Tasks that includes Accounts Payable, Purchasing, Payroll, Customer Billing, Inventory, Job Costing, Accounts Receivable, and Bank Reconciliations.


All tasks are done away from your office. It’s like having a key employee that won’t quit, doesn't take a vacation, doesn't get sick, doesn't collect overtime or benefits, and doesn't need a desk.


Compass Accounting Group tailors a solution to meet your business. An analyst is assigned to your account to evaluate your needs. Your analyst works with you to design and implement a set of procedures that will function smoothly within your firm.


An “associate” is then assigned to your account. Your associate works with you just as if they were your employee. The only difference being they work away from your office.


Every month we make contact with you to discuss the financial health of your business, raise concerns, bounce ideas around, and set strategies.


Timely and correct payroll is a must for every business. Nothing wastes more time and energy than incorrect or incomplete payroll. But paying your employees is only the beginning.


There are payroll tax deposits, quarterly reports, W2's, W3's, ever changing tax tables, child support and garnishment orders, workman's compensation audits, unemployment audits, and employee benefits. The list goes on and on.


• Do you want payroll costs tracked to a particular job?

• Do you have wait staff that get paid different rates when they wait tables, greet customers, or tend bar?

• Do you need to meet state new hire reporting requirements?

• Do you need social security numbers verified?


Compass Accounting Group takes all the hassle out of payroll processing. Just let us know who worked and how many hours. We'll do the rest.


Small businesses do not have the luxury of having a large board making decisions for the company by majority vote. Often times, decisions need to be made quickly, but making the wrong decision can cost the company money, or worse yet, shut their doors.


Compass Accounting Group has decades of small business experience and select members of our staff are formally trained in counseling. Often times small businesses need consulting for:


• Arranging payment agreements with the IRS or State of Wisconsin


• Mediating the separation or removal of current business partners


• Assessing and assisting with asset purchases or sales

• Giving guidance on employees and productivity


If your small business is looking for a consulting source to optimize your chances for success, Compass Accounting Group can help.

Financial Analysis

Compass Accounting Group provides a periodic review service for those who just want someone to check their work. You can use this service monthly, quarterly or at year’s end.


Whether you bring in your Quickbooks file, a spreadsheet, or pile of receipts, or we come to your office, we can help. Often our clients have us work out the kinks in theirs books before they go to their bank for a loan or before doing their year-end taxes.


It’s easy, charged by the minute, and makes sure your books are on the right track.

Tax Returns

Preparing your own return can result in overpayment of unnecessary taxes, or worse yet, underpayment of taxes that triggers an audit and results in additional interest and penalty.


Whether you need your personal or business return prepared, we can help. We will sit down with you and go line by line to make sure deductions or credits aren't overlooked. We advise on what strategies are best for your particular situation in the upcoming year. Often times we will meet with clients before the year ends to make sure they are on track for April 15th. Contact us today to discuss your tax needs.

LLC & S-Corp Formations

Are you a sole proprietor, in a partnership, part of an LLC, a stockholder in a corporation? More important, is that the right choice for your business? It is surprising how many businesses are organized incorrectly, even if you used an attorney to get started.


Compass Accounting Group can help you decide and setup the organization that is right for you. We present the advantages and disadvantages of each type of organization. Whether you are just getting started, or need to make a change, we will help you get organized properly.

QuickBooks, Sage & BSS Training

Clients are more than capable of handling several functions of the accounting cycle. At Compass Accounting Group, we enjoy empowering clients with the skills they need to operate QuickBooks, Peachtree or Business Solutions Software.


We can teach you as much or as little as you want to learn, we can even travel to your office to do so. We have trained clients on Accounts Payable, Payroll, Customer Billing, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Bank Reconciliations, and much more!


If you are looking at doing the books yourself, but want to have a partner teach you all the necessary accounting components, contact us today.

Cloud Accounting

Want to do some or all of the work yourself? Not a problem! Using Business Solutions Software, you can access our servers and your information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can perform all the accounting tasks you want when you want.

And, it fits together seamlessly with any of the tasks performed by the Compass Accounting Group staff. You get a complete picture of your business at the right price.


There are no annual update fees or charges for software or payroll upgrades. All of your information is stored and backed up on our servers every day. Contact us to find out more information.