About Us

How we became a great small business accounting and bookkeeping provider.


Pro Data IV, the parent of Compass Accounting Group, came into existence in 1986. Originally there were 4 owners with backgrounds in technology and accounting.

From the beginning we were focused on the needs of small businesses. We designed and programmed an accounting software package called Business Solutions Software. It was a very different time. Personal computers were very basic…no graphics. no color monitors, no hard drives, and no internet. There was little competition for accounting software packages and our software sales took off.

As time passed we continued evolving our software and hardware products and were soon installing networks of personal computers in small business offices. Part of our support service included helping our clients with their accounting questions until one day one client lost their bookkeeper and asked us for help. We offered to take over their bookkeeping processes using one of our internal staff. We worked out of our office, picking up and dropping off paperwork as needed. That was the start of our “Bookkeeping Associate” service.

Soon we adjusted our software to allow simultaneous shared workload between our client and our staff. This proved to be very popular. It allowed our clients to pick and choose which tasks they wanted to perform and which they wanted to outsource to us. This concept and Business Solutions Software are still in use today.

Our “by the minute” pricing was introduced several years later and has set us apart from our competition. Our automated internal systems allow us to track each employee’s activities by client and by the minute. These tracking systems allow us to justify our billing to our clients, down to the minute. We have truly brought “transparency” to our clients. We have and will continue growing our service offerings, while staying focused on finding ways to help small businesses compete.

In 2015 we decided to add a more descriptive name and Compass Accounting Group was born.  Today Compass Accounting Group is referred to as a division of Pro Data IV.