Compass Accounting Group is a division of Pro Data IV, Inc.

Terms of Service


Billing - Accounting, bookkeeping, consulting, payroll, software traning and/or financial analysis services provided by Pro Data IV, Inc. are billed on a “by the minute” basis. Client invoices are generated on the 1st and 16th of every month. Payment for services is due upon receipt of invoice. Invoices not paid within 30 days of the invoice date will be assessed a 1% interest penalty per month until the balance is paid in full. Invoices not paid within 60 days of the invoice date will result in a suspension of services until the outstanding balance is paid in full. Any fees, penalties or damages resulting for the suspension of services are not the responsibility of Pro Data IV, Inc. 

Termination - Pro Data IV, Inc. or its client may terminate their relationship with each other at any time. When termination occurs, any and all electronic data, paper documents and other property of the client will be returned to client once Pro Data IV, Inc. has received payment in full for services provided to date and client has signed a proof of receipt form indicating all information noted above has been received.

Bank Fraud Prevention – Clients that utilize Pro Data IV, Inc. to issue payments on their behalf must reconcile their checking accounts at least once per month. If clients wish to use Pro Data IV, Inc. to perform bank reconciliation, clients must provide banking details to Pro Data IV, Inc. within the first fourteen days of the start of each month to Pro Data IV, Inc. Details may be provided directly by client or client may provide internet access to banking information. Pro Data IV, Inc. will not be liable for any loss or any fraudulent activity from client checking account(s) if client does not provide Pro Data IV, Inc. with bank account details on at least a monthly basis.

NSF Fee Guarantee - Pro Data IV, Inc. guarantees that no NSF fees will be charged to client bank accounts so long as Pro Data IV, Inc. is retained to perform bank reconciliation for said bank accounts no less than once per month, that Pro Data IV, Inc. is the only person or entity issuing withdrawals from said accounts, and that client does not override warnings that sufficient funds do not exist to cover requested withdrawals. Withdrawals include, but are not limited to, checks, debit cards, automatic transactions, levies and transfers.

Check Signing - Pro Data IV, Inc. offers electronic check signing services to stream line accounts payable and payroll processing. If a client opts to use the electronic check signing services from Pro Data IV, Inc., the client is fully responsible for all checks that are issued and will not hold Pro Data IV, Inc. liable for any loss or fraudulent activity in conjunction with said service. If a client wishes to sign their checks manually, the client will be notified when checks are ready for pickup within 24 hours of completion. If the client does not pick up the checks within 24 hours, Pro Data IV Inc. will not be responsible for any penalties, interest, or other fees incurred because of checks being sent past their due dates.

Payroll Verification - Clients that utilize Pro Data IV, Inc. to perform payroll services are required to give all of their employees a W4, WT4, and I9. Once these forms are completed by the employees and forwarded to Pro Data IV, Inc., the social security number will be verified and a new hire report will be filed with the state. If a social security number fails, it is the client's responsibility to remedy this error before the employee starts work. If the client instructs Pro Data IV, Inc. to issue a check to an employee that does not pass the social security number verification process, the client assumes all responsibility for any and all penalties, fines, law suites and prison time that may result from fraudulent payroll practices.

Year-End Payroll Service - Clients that use year-end payroll services such as W2, W3, 1099, 1096 and WT7 filings are required to get any and all payroll documents to Pro Data IV, Inc. no later than January 23rd of the filing year. If payroll documentation is not supplied to Pro Data IV, Inc. on or before this date, any penalties or interest generated from late filings of these documents are the responsibility of the client.

Tax Returns - Business and personal tax returns are prepared by Tax Management Services, Inc. Pro Data IV, Inc. assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of client business and/or personal tax returns. If tax documents are not furnished to Pro Data IV, Inc. by March 5th (for corporate returns) or April 5th (for personal and sole proprietor returns) there is no guarantee the tax returns will be completed before their due dates.

Company Registration - Forming an LLC or S-Corporation typically takes 90 minutes. When LLC or S-Corp formation services are utilized, the client will receive a federal EIN for the new company, articles of incorporation/organization, state EIN (if applicable), and 2553 (for S-Corps). It is the client's responsibility to create or hire an outside source to furnish operating agreements (for multiple owners) or minute books (for corporations). Payment for setup services is due immediately. If payment is not made immediately, client will not receive original or copies of the newly formed company records.

Online Software - Pro Data IV, Inc. offers all clients access to its proprietary accounting product - Business Solutions Software. This software is available for a one-time fee of $100 and a monthly fee of $25. If a client consumes more than $25 per month of other services from Pro Data IV, Inc. the Business Solutions Software product is available for no monthly charge. On occasion, power outages or computer failures occur and clients may not be able to connect to Business Solutions Software. Pro Data IV, Inc. does warrant the software or any work performed by the client. Client software training is available as a standard billable item.